Updates and Achievements from the Reading Lab!


Dietmar has been selected to present his work at the 32nd MassSpec-Forum at the Universität Wien, Austria


Valeria joins our lab as a postdoc - Welcome Valeria!!

Valeria and Dietmar have been selected to present their work at the 70th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Minneapolis, USA

MAY 22

The Reading Group had a group outing to Axeperience in Bank and found throwing axes to be very cathartic! 

Dietmar has been invited to give a talk as part of the Structural & Chemical Biology Interest Group series at The Francis Crick Institute in London, UK 

APR' 22

Ben and Dietmar have been selected to present their work at the 3rd International Conference on Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry in London, UK 

MAR' 22

Eamonn has been invited to give a talk at the 9th RSC Analytical Biosciences Group Early Career Researcher Meeting

Ben's 3rd-year Chemistry PhD poster presentation was shortlisted for the faculty poster competition prize - well done Ben!

JAN' 22

Published article in Methods in Molecular Biology on 'Cell-Free Synthesis Strategies to Probe Co-translational Folding of Proteins Within Lipid Membranes' in collaboration with the Prof. Paula Booth lab (King's College London)

DEC' 21

Eamonn is giving a Chemistry Outreach talk at Alleyn's School (and Partners), London

Ryan and Eamonn are visiting UCB Biopharma (UK) to kick off Ryan's collaborative PhD studentship 

NOV' 21

Ben has been accepted for a talk at the Antibiotic Discovery Accelerator (ABX) Meeting 2021 - well done Ben!

OCT' 21

The Reading Group had a group outing to the 'The Adventure Begins Escape Room' in Shoreditch and we escaped (and with 10 minutes to spare)!

SEPT '21

Ryan joins our lab (as a BBSRC LIDo iCASE student with UCB Biopharma) - Welcome Ryan!!

Polina joins our lab (as KCL Chemistry MSci student) - Welcome Polina!!

JUNE '21

Eamonn is giving a Chemistry Outreach talk at Woodhouse College, London 

The Reading Group went on our first group outing to Flight Club (see picture in lab members section)! Due to COVID, this has been a long time coming...


We have a PhD studentship opportunity in partnership with UCB Pharma - this advert is now closed


Dietmar, Ben and Eamonn attended the 2021 SMALP Conference (on Zoom), where our work on the use of SMALPs to study membrane protein folding and dynamics was presented by our collaborator Prof Paula Booth (KCL)

Chloe joins our lab (as a BBSRC LIDo iCASE student with Waters Corp). Welcome!


Eamonn was invited to speak at the (virtual) Antibiotic Discovery Accelerator Network (ABX) meeting


Published article in Nature Communications on 'Perturbed structural dynamics underlie inhibition and altered efflux of the multidrug resistance pump AcrB' in collaboration with the Prof. Laura Piddock lab (University of Birmingham, UK), the Dr Attilio Vargiu lab (University of Cagliari, Italy) and Prof Paula Booth and Dr Argyris Politis labs (KCL Chemistry) - link to article here

Published article in Biochemistry on 'Peptide-Based Approach to Inhibition of the Multidrug Resistance Efflux Pump AcrB' in collaboration with the Prof. Charles Deber lab (The Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto, Canada)


Laila joins our lab. Welcome!

JULY '20

Published article in Biochemistry on 'Capturing membrane protein ribosome nascent-chain complexes in a native-like environment for co-translational studies' in collaboration with the Prof. Paula Booth lab (KCL) 


Tim Gemeinhardt has finished his Erasmus+ studentship with us and has gained a PhD studentship within Prof Nicole Francis’ group at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute. We really enjoyed having Tim with us and wish him the best of luck!


We have a PhD LIDO iCASE Studentship available in the Reading group (in partnership with Waters Corporation). This position has now been filled.

Eamonn attended the Foundation Future Leaders Programme meeting at The Royal Society, London, UK


Tim is attending the Third Annual Symposium on Protein Folding on the Ribosome in Berlin, Germany

Eamonn gave the King's College London Chemistry Christmas Lecture in London, UK


Dietmar joins our lab. Welcome!


Ben and Tim join the lab. Welcome both!

Eamonn was invited to give a seminar at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Eamonn attended the inaugural Foundation Future Leaders Programme meeting in London, UK


Eamonn is attending the inaugural UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships cohort event in London, UK


Eamonn is coordinating the Biochemical Conference on 'Structural Mass Spectrometry of Membrane Proteins' in London, UK with Argyris Politis (King's College London), Bernadette Byrne (Imperial College London), and Chloe Martens (Universite Libre de Bruxelles).

Published article in Trends in Biochemical Sciences on 'Assessing Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics within Lipid Nanodiscs' 

JULY '19

Eamonn was invited to speak at the Membrane Protein Folding, Gordon Conference in Boston, USA

JUNE '19

Eamonn was invited to speak at the BBSRC Fellows’ Conference in Glasgow, UK