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Recent Updates and Achievements from the Reading Lab!

December 2022

Ben has a preprint out on his work: 'Conformational restriction shapes inhibition of a multidrug
efflux adaptor protein
' - find it


We have had an article published in Essays In Biochemistry on 'Structural mass spectrometry approaches to understand multidrug efflux systems' - find it here

The Reading Group had a Christmas group outing playing darts at Flight Club, followed by some beer tasting!

November 2022

Dietmar has a preprint out on his work: 'Chromatographic phospholipid trapping for automated H/D exchange mass spectrometry analysis of membrane protein-lipid assemblies' (a collaboration between King's College London and Waters Corp) - find it here


Jakub Sys (from the Hubalek lab in IOCB Prague) will be visiting us for a month from mid-November. Welcome Jakub!

November Cont. 2022

Dietmar has been selected to present his work at the BMSS Biomacromolecular SIG in Leeds, UK (link is here)


Eamonn is hosting the 77th RSC Analytical Biosciences Group AGM @ King's College London on the 16th November, for more info and registration click here

Valeria has been invited to give a talk as part of the Structural & Chemical Biology IG series at the Crick Institute in London, UK 

September 2022

Valeria has a preprint out on her work: 'Structural dynamics in the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein' (a collaboration between King's College London and the Crick Institute) - find it here

Eamonn was elected as a committee member of the RSC Analytical Biosciences Group

July 2022

Dietmar has been selected to present his work at the 32nd MassSpec-Forum at the Universität Wien, Austria

Ryan presented his research at the UCB Pharma Ph.D Studentship Day

June 2022

Valeria joins our lab as a postdoc - Welcome Valeria!!

Valeria and Dietmar have been selected to present their work at the 70th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Minneapolis, USA

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