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Recent Updates and Achievements from the Reading Lab!

June 2023

Dietmar has been invited to present at the 71st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Houston, Texas, USA!

March Cont. 2022

Valeria's paper on 'Structural dynamics in the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein' has been published in Nature Communications - find it here

May 2023

Ryan was awarded a Protein Science Young Investigator Travel Award to attend the 2023 Protein Society Symposium. Well done Ryan!

March 2023

Our recent publication has made it into the 'Most Read' list for Analytical Chemistry - find it here

Eamonn has been invited to present at the CRC 1208 Conference in Düsseldorf!
“Dynamics of Membrane Systems“ - 7-9th March

Eamonn has been invited to present at the 10th Analytical Biosciences Group Early Career Researcher Meeting in Cambridge, UK - 30-31st March 

April 2023

We have a PhD position available for 2023-27 - to find out more and apply then click here!

Dietmar has been invited to present at the 11th Symposium for Structural Proteomics in Utrecht!

January 2023

We have had an article published in Analytical Chemistry on 'Chromatographic phospholipid trapping for automated H/D exchange mass spectrometry of membrane protein-lipid assemblies' - find it here

Valeria's time in the Reading group has come to an end - we wish her the best and congratulations on her new position in the Struwe lab at the University of Oxford

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